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Intimate Parlour Show

So, you have a small dinner party for your friends and relatives and want to make it a little bit special? Look no further than Andrew’s parlour show which is ideal for small gatherings from 6 to approx 50 people.

Creating a very intimate atmosphere, Andrew will perform a selection of psychological mind tricks in your own living room! The show is interactive, humorous, mystifying, but above all else, highly entertaining.

Andrew will:

  • Demonstrate the power of suggestion
  • Lay down £50 in a simple game of “which hand is the coin in” (see video below).
  • Use skills in facial reading to intuit numbers merely thought of.
  • Reveal hidden thoughts of a participant during a psychological game of Cluedo.
  • Help one audience member to read the mind of another.
  • Close the show by revealing a random, thought of word in the most inexplicable manner.


So get in touch if you are keen to have something a little different for your event and want your guests to be talking for weeks afterwards.

No stage area is required, which makes it an ideal form of entertainment for small private dinner parties.

This is one of Andrew’s most popular requested shows.

Performance is 60 minutes.

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