ESSEX’s answer to Derren Brown!” – Essex Enquirer
“You’re VERY, VERY good” – Natasha Kaplinsky
As seen on “Party Wars”, Living TV

Andrew Edmonds

Entertaining audiences for 16 years…

Andrew Edmonds is a professional party entertainer specialising in mind trickery for mature audiences. With various services on offer including Close-Up, and Cabaret, Andrew’s unique style consistently incites profound, moving experiences unlikely to be forgotten for years to come.

Andrew has performed for companies as diverse as Channel 5 News, Bloomberg, Living TV, Tesco, BBC Essex Radio and Rothschilds Private Management to name just a few. With dozens of glowing Testimonials, you can be assured of a first class performance, giving you piece of mind knowing your guests are in safe hands.

With his warm and entertaining personality, Andrew will guarantee to make your special event the best it could possibly be.


So what exactly is “Mind Trickery”?

If you’ve heard of Derren Brown then you are already on the right track. Andrew’s act does not involve coins, ropes, wands or sponge balls. With just a few props and, of course, “Your Mind”, he will entertain by demonstrating a number of skills he has acquired over the last 20 years.

  • Think of a number, he’ll tell you what number it is.
  • Think of a word, he’ll tell the word, letter by letter.
  • Secretly draw a picture, he’ll duplicate it, exactly.

He will also demonstrate the telepathic abilities between partners or close friends…

  • He touches one on the shoulder and the other feels it.
  • One thinks of a time, the other blindly manages to set their own watch to that time.

Visit the VIDEO section to see live demonstrations of all of the above.